15 Trelawny Street

VRA Core


15 Trelawny Street


1801 1850


One story, double gabled house in a traditional L-shaped plan. The house is nogged with concrete and parged. The porch facades are painted light pink. The north of the house is painted white, the east and west, light blue. The porch has white tiling and a flat slab roof supported by rough caste, concrete columns. A concrete balustrade surrounds the porch. A double door with sunburst transom above open to the porch. 6x6 windows open to the porch and another on the NW corner. Casements are located on the east and west facades.
One addition is to the rear with a flat roof. The addition is parged and painted light blue. Glass jalousies are located on the addition.
The other addition is one story located on the southeast corner. Wood louvers are located on the east and a board door is found on the south. Two story addition is also located on the SW with a flat slab roof. The two story addition extends about 15 feet southward beyond the one story addition. A board door is located on both the east and south facades.


Residential Core





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