34 Cornwall Street

VRA Core


34 Cornwall Street


1901 1950


One story, hipped roof structure with evidence of nogging with concrete in the central portion. The east and west facades are exposed stone. There are two windows on the south that are 4x4, one glass and one jalousie. There are two double doors on the south facade with decorative wood grills above. These doors open onto a porch on the south. A 6x6 window is located on the west and east.
Centrally located addition on the south facade with a hipped roof. A porch surrounds the addition on the south, east and west with a square wood posts supporting a shed roof. The porch has concrete flooring. A glass paned double door with decorative wood transom centrally located opens onto the porch with a modern window on either side. 16 pane casements are found on the east and west facades.
One story addition on the west and along the north with a flat roof. The addition parged and remains unfinished.


Residential Core





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