36 Cornwall Street

VRA Core


36 Cornwall Street


Two story, hipped roof, three-bay structure facing the south. The first floor is parged with rough caste concrete. A shed roof extends over the first floor on the front. A double door with gates and three wood louvers on the first floor (south). The east facade (first floor) has a double door painted brown with two wood louvers flanking either side. The first floor front facade is painted pale yellow. The 2nd floor is board siding, beaded and sand-dashed. The east facade has a 6x6 sash window. The south facade has 3 6x6 windows.
Two story, shed roof addition along the rear. The first floor is painted pale yellow. The second floor is parged and not yet painted. The east facade has one wood louver on the second floor. The first floor (east) has a course of breeze blocks and a gray door. The north face is rough case. The rear extension was originally one story and is now being renovated by enclosing the second floor with concrete blocks.
One story addition on the Northwest corner of the house. The addition has two flat, slab roofs and is painted cream A door opens on the east to a small porch with white tiling. A red painted casements also opens to the porch. The north facade is rough case.


Residential Core





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