19 Newton Street

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19 Newton Street


1801 1850


One story house with a hipped roof. The residence is nogged with stone and concrete. It is painted pink on the east (front) facade. The porch is centrally located on the east. A double door with sunburst transom opens centrally onto porch. Single doors also open on the north and south to the porch. A shed roof covers the porch. 6x6 sash windows are found on either side of the central door. A single glass jalousie window is located on the southern corner of the east facade.
The white painted addition is located on the south side of the original structure. A door and glass jalousie are located on the east. The addition has a flat, slab roof.
A large addition along the east, north, and west of the original structure. The addition remains unfinished with a flat roof. Glass jalousies and modern casements are found throughout.


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