44 Cornwall Street

VRA Core


44 Cornwall Street


1801 1850


One story, L-shaped house, nogged with stone and, parged and painted off-white. A front porch is located on the southeast corner with a shed roof. A double door with decorative wood transom above opens onto the porch. (2) 6 x 6 sash windows open onto the porch. Two small wood doors open onto the porch (one from the west with a decorative wood transom). A large bay on the SW corner has a hipped roof and three glass jalousies. Another bay is located on the east with (3) 6 x 6 sash windows. The porch has four metal posts supporting the roof and a three foot concrete wall with white gate.
First addition is parged and painted off white with a shed roof. Two board doors are located on the west. Window openings on the west and one on the north.The addition runs along the northwest of the original structure.
Second addition runs along the northeast of the original. Shed roof, window openings are covered with zinc.


Residential Core





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