1 Officers Alley

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1 Officers Alley


1851 1900


Two story, hipped roof commercial building that has previously been renovated. The front of the building faces west. Modern double doors open west to concrete steps and walkway. Three 6 x 6 windows are located on the first floor. A narrow double door with glass transom is located on the first floor of the west facade. The second floor consists of two modern, glass paned double doors located at the north and south ends of the west facade. Three casement windows are also located on the second floor. The 2nd floor porch, supported by columns, has a decorative wood railing. The south side of the building includes two doors with shed roofing above on the first floor. The second floor has two 6 x 6 windows. A concrete staircase leading to the 2nd floor is located in the rear. A central double door and 4 6 x 6 windows are on the east.


Water Square and Market Street District





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