Water Square

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Water Square


1801 1850


There is no roof remaining on this building. The structure/s shows two separate entities. The western portion reveals brick bonding on the second floor with two door openings and three window openings. The eastern section is nogged on the second floor. An open colonnade runs the length of the south facade and serves as covered walkway. The west section colonnade of metal posts supports a front porch with four wood columns supporting a shed roof w/ clay tiles. The east section colonnade has 3-columned arches that support a 2nd floor porch. This porch has 4 wood columns supporting a shed roof. The 2nd floor of the East section reveals a central door opening with two window openings on either side. The building is currently undergoing renovation. A concrete wall has been added to the east and north. No access to property.


Water Square and Market Street District





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