13 Rodney Street

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13 Rodney Street


1901 1950


Two story structure with a hipped roof. A flat roof covers the northwest corner. The building is painted cream on both floors. The walls of the original structure are cut stone. It is likely that the northwest corner was originally a two story porch. It has since been renovated and enclosed. The cut stone is also painted with a dark red mortar. The first floor windows are covered with white metal gates. The front of the structure faces north. Glass jalousies, casements and 6/6 windows are found on the structure.
Northwest corner renovation. Possible once a two story porch that was enclosed with concrete walls. Glass jalousies and an entrance door are located on the north facade of the renovation. Long casement windows are found on the north and west facades of the second story renovation. An interesting slit/opening between the two floors reveals board flooring on the second floor and metal posts. The posts indicate what was once a balustrade on the second floor of the original porch.


Rodney Street District





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