14 Lower Harbour

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14 Lower Harbour


1801 1850


One story, double hipped roof with cap n' comb on each hip. A shingled shed roof is located over the front porch on the south. A gable pedimented entrance with steps leads from a path to the porch. This entryway has narrow white painted columns and decorative trim (verge board). On the east and west facades there are 6/6 windows. The board siding is sand dashed and beaded, painted cream. The south entry/porch reveals centrally located double doors opening to the porch. 6/6 windows open onto the porch as well. The porch is enclosed with a white gate.
One story, hipped roof addition to the north (rear) of the building. The addition protrudes along the NE of the house as well. Casement windows are found on the addition. A shed roof is located over the rear (north) porch. A carport is located on the northwest.


Rodney Street District





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