Princess Street

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Princess Street


1801 1850


one story, hipped roof structure. The entire house encompasses what was once (1950s) three separate structures. The walls of the original residential structure is pebble dashed/rough cast. Aluminum awnings are located above two windows on the west facade. The right (south) portion of original structure has a gable roof. Sliding glass windows are visible on the west facade.
One addition has a shed roof and connects the main structure to the two existing outbuildings. There are no visible windows on this addition.
The other addition, located in the northwest corner has a flat slab roof and connects the main house to the existing northern structure. It is enclosed by a metal gate and is currently being used as a shop.

(owners would not allow survey. all building description is taken from the 'sneak' photograph of the southwest corner of the house)


Rodney Street District





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