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  • Date 1801–1850 Xcheckmark
  • Location Wharf District Xcheckmark
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10 Georges Street

5 Upper Parade Street

19 Falmouth Street

23 Falmouth Street

8 Lower Parade

Two story, hipped roof building. The 1st floor reveals concrete block, rough caste painted pink and gray. An aluminum awning is located on the west. A central door is located on the south and the west. A small square window opens on the south as ...

16 Lower Parade

Lower Harbour

Two, ones story historic houses now connected perpendicularly. Both have hipped roofs. Section 1 runs the length of Harbor street along the south of the lot. The central portion reveals a brick and cut stone retaining wall which likely ran the length of the house. Both ...

9 Seaboard Street

Two story building, nogged with brick and covered with board siding. Double hipped roof. The south facade has a central door with a shed roof that leads to a central hallway. Windows on the first floor are glass jalousie three. The 2nd floor windows are 6...