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34 Cornwall Street

One story, hipped roof structure with evidence of nogging with concrete in the central portion. The east and west facades are exposed stone. There are two windows on the south that are 4x4, one glass and one jalousie. There are two double doors on the ...

17 Princess Street

One story, L-shaped house with a double hipped roof. The house is painted cream with a gray trim on the east and partially painted on the south. The porch is located on the northeast corner. The hip roof atop the southern section has been replaced. ...

15 Trelawny Street

One story outbuilding with a gable roof. Two board doors open on the west facade. A small window opening is located on the north and south facades. The outbuilding is parged and unpainted.

26 Cornwall Street

One story building painted cream with a gray curtain. The roof is slightly gables. Two front doors open on the south facade with fanlights above. Gabled roofing is located above the doors. Two casement windows are located on the south facade as well. Glass casements ...

20 Cornwall Street

An original 2-bay structure of the C-type plan. Following the 1954 survey, the main building was connected to two other existing buildings on the property. French doors with a sunburst transom open to an enclosed porch on the south facade. The door is flanked by two ...

14 King Street

Two story four bay dwelling , painted white with a hipped roof. Predominant type of window is wooden louvers. Three-quarter length inset porch enclosed by a cast iron gate painted red. Double door entry. Arched walkway through the length of the building on the south side ...

Market Street

Beige with gray water table. West side has 2 doors and 8 windows, all of which are gated. utility connections visible on roof. East side is parged brick with one metal door and 1 concrete block shed attached.

Queen Street

One story outbuilding painted bright blue on the front (east) with dark green trim. The other facades remain unpainted with no windows. A small ventilation opening is located on the west facade. A dark green board door opens on the east.

Queen Street

One story, gabled roof duplex. The side "pediment" is clapboard siding. The house is painted pale yellow with a green curtain. Two red doors open on the east to a courtyard. One red board casement is located on the north, south, and west.