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Market Street

South side, second floor has three windows and a porch. The west side, first floor has one gated door and one gated window. The second floor has one double glass jalousie and 1 triple glass jalousie. Zinc gable roof.


East side is ramshackle materials with corrugated metal patchwork over wood boards. Roof and walls failing everywhere with worst damage at southeast corner. The west side is mostly boards of varying size. House leaning badly. Rubble foundation.

Water Square

Built in 1894, the Albert George Market is the most prominent landmark of Falmouth’s Water Square. The clock tower façade enlists architectural details from the prevailing Georgian tradition well over a half century after that style had fallen out of favor. Conversely, the cast ...

Water Square

North side has 2 double paned commercial windows to each side of the main entrance way. Pediment above main entrance. Bright yellow and blue paint with much signage. East side has a circular vent at the top. The south side is painted white and has no ...

Falmouth Street

One story residence painted sea foam green. The house has a flat, zinc roof. A front porch is centrally located on the east facade. Two doors with fanlights open onto the porch. Three 6 x 6 windows are located on the east facade. Two 6 x 6 windows are ...

Falmouth Street

One story structure with a flat roof. The building is painted blue. The entrance faces south. A plywood addition with shed roof is located on the front (east) and is painted sea foam green.

Falmouth Street

Cluster of small, one story structures with no access. All buildings have board or plywood siding. Most have flat or shed metal roofing. The buildings are painted green, blue, or cream. The buildings are used as fruit stands, small shops, or residential.

Reid Street

One story building with a flat, concrete slab roof. Entrance doors are located on the east and the west. A single concrete wall with flat slab roof over a walkway serves as an entrance way for each door. A large course of breeze blocks runs ...

1 Seaboard Street

One story building with a flat roof. Plywood and bamboo walls are painted red, yellow, and green. The front porch (located on the south) is surrounded by a bamboo railing. Screen doors and windows are located on the south. A screen window is found on ...