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Reid Street

One story building with a flat, concrete slab roof. Entrance doors are located on the east and the west. A single concrete wall with flat slab roof over a walkway serves as an entrance way for each door. A large course of breeze blocks runs ...

3 Trelawny Street

Two story, five bay painted white with beige coins and window and door surrounds. Second story full-length porch. Windows are 88 fixed on first floor, 8 by 8 sash on second floor. Small louvered sidelights flanking both sides of all windows. Inset one car garage occupies 1/3 of front ...

Trelawny Street

A one-story outbuilding with a pyramidal roof with a small, unfinished spire atop. Wood louver casement window is located on the west facade. Two plywood boards are located on the east and possibly cover a door opening. The building is painted cream. It is attached ...

5 Rodney Street

Long gable-roofed office building, Larger (north to south) than the other office building to the south. Built with white louvered windows.

5 Rodney Street

Long hipped-roof office building.

5 Rodney Street

2 bays, each with a door and a window on the south facade. Both doors are modern and painted brown. One window is wood board and the other is a white wooden jalousie. The shed roof is corrugated metal. The east and west sides each have ...

5 Rodney Street

3 bay with zinc gable roof. Two 3 paned windows flanking central doorway to covered walkway on south facade. Beige paint scheme. Concrete piers painted gray. East and west sides with one 3 paned window each. North side has one 3 paned window and one wooden jalousie and attaches ...

5 Rodney Street

3 bay. Gable roof. South facade has 2 double wooden jalousies flanking a central doorway leading to covered walkway. East side has a double wooden jalousie and 2 smaller glass jalousies. West side has 2 glass jalousies and a doorway.

5 Rodney Street

4 bay with fiberglass shingle gable roof. White and brown paint scheme. Zinc shed roof over porch section on north side. One double door and 3 modern wood doors. 3 grilled windows. One wood jalousie on east side.