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South side has two 16 pane windows, three doors and signage. The east side has one 16 pane window in the same style as the south facade and four barred wood jalousies.

10 Water Square

Green and pink painted. South side -1st floor has three doorways, each with different transoms. The 2nd floor has one doorway with two 9X9 sash windows. The east side has a shed roof over the 2nd floor porch.


Blue zinc hipped roof. Blue and yellow paint scheme. South side has yellow awning over two gated and barred windows and one glass door. Concrete support poles.


Zinc hipped roof. South side, second floor has two boarded windows and one double door. The east side, first floor has four doors and one window and the second floor has one window.

Market Street

South side, second floor has three windows and a porch. The west side, first floor has one gated door and one gated window. The second floor has one double glass jalousie and 1 triple glass jalousie. Zinc gable roof.

Market Street

West side - first floor has three gated doors and signage. The second floor has two doors, three windows, and signs. The south side has five barred double windows with jalousies above and one barred double door. East side has a concrete stairwell. The building ...

18 Market Street

West side has 2 windows and 1 door, all with awnings. Concrete block structure in disrepair on all sides.

16 Market Street

14 Market Street

West side - 1st floor is painted purple and yellow, has 3 doors and 1 window. There is a walkway underneath the second floor. The 2nd floor is painted blue and decorated with cartoon characters, has 3 2x2 sash windows. The south side - 2nd floor has1 2 over 2 ...