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  • Date 1851–1900 Xcheckmark
  • Location Water Square and Market Street District Xcheckmark
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Albert George Market

Built in 1894, the Albert George Market is the most prominent landmark of Falmouth’s Water Square. The clock tower façade enlists architectural details from the prevailing Georgian tradition well over a half century after that style had fallen out of favor. Conversely, the cast ...

Lower Parade

Two story structure with a gabled roof. One story shed roof is located in the front (south). Nine board casements are located on the 2nd floor of the south facade. One board casement is found on the east (second floor). The first floor has 5 large ...

1 Officers Alley

Two story, hipped roof commercial building that has previously been renovated. The front of the building faces west. Modern double doors open west to concrete steps and walkway. Three 6 x 6 windows are located on the first floor. A narrow double door with glass transom is ...

42 Market Street

5 Georges Street

29 Market Street

Two bay, two story rectangular building with overhanging 2nd story frame porch. lower story is field stone with rendered columns. metal awnings on upper porch windows. hipped roof. Decorative railings. Rectangular addition to rear of main building. has louvered windows, shed roof covered with corrugated ...