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  • Date 1851–1900 Xcheckmark
  • Location Wharf District Xcheckmark
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4 Georges Street

16 Tharpe Street

6 Lower Parade

Gable zinc roof with zinc awing covering old wooden shingle roof. Three bay building with one door with two glass jalousie windows facing Lower Parade Street and one door to the left side facing Tharp Street. Left side is covered with corrugated metal siding. A ...

7 Falmouth Street

Main entrances painted red face Falmouth Street. First floor concrete brick walls are painted red with three red awnings on doors and windows facing Falmouth Street First floor wall facing Lower Harbor Street is painted gray First floor is paved with encaustic tile. Second floor ...

9 Falmouth Street

Main entrances have one white double door and one white single door; red entrance to club faces Falmouth Street; Mostly reconstructed front facade and parts of side facades with concrete in-fill. Cast concrete walls stick out on right side of building from the original wall ...

15 Falmouth Street

-bar on first floor and residence on second floor; -double door main/bar entrance faces Falmouth Street; -timber frame structure with first floor repaired with concrete in-fill after hurricane damage; -second floor has original shingle siding facing Falmouth Street and new wood board siding on ...