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18 Cornwall Street

Was a ruin last year, restored/rebuilt. Was once a residential building, is now a school (St. Mark's Academy). Three bays across the front, double side gable, chamfered posts. Single front door flanked by 6/6 windows (windows are flanked by wood louver sidelights, some original) and ...

10 King Street

White roughed concrete building, iron grill front gate, louvered windows, carport, glass windows, back section is rendered concrete, 3 bays.

Rodney Street

Two story, gable roofed school painted white with a grey curtain. Five courses of breeze blocks run along the top of the first floor. Concrete steps are located on the corners of the north facade leading to the second floor. A second story porch is ...

Rodney Street

Small, concrete building. It serves as an additional classroom for the school. Large double doors are located on the front (east) facade with white gate coverings. Small, glass jalousies are located on the east and wood louvers on the south and west.

Charlotte Street

Two story, rough caste building with a flat slab roof. Two sets of concrete stairs are located on the north facade. The 2nd floor of the north cantilevers above an open walkway. The first floor has two courses of breeze blocks. Five doors open on ...

Charlotte Street

One story, pyramidal roofed educational building, painted gray. Three courses of breeze blocks run along the top of the western, northern, and eastern facades. The front of the building faces west. One story, flat slab roofed addition running along the north and east. A covered ...

Fort Balcarres

This site was first developed in 1803 to serve as Fort Balcarres, defending the mouth of the harbor. The site was dominated by the long stone barracks that today serves as one of the two main buildings for the school. The fort was moved to this ...

28 King Street

Eight bays. Single story, flat roof with 6 foot concrete overhang in front with concrete buttress detail. Louvered windows with iron grill work. tile porch platform under the overhang. Cream colored with brown and white trim.

25 Newton Street

Gable roof with shed roof on porch addition. Yellow paint scheme. 3 bays. 6 over 6 sash windows flanked by 2 over 2. Central door on front with decorative grill work on top. One of same type of windows on each side. Encaustic tile on steps. Addition to back with ...