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Water Square

There is no roof remaining on this building. The structure/s shows two separate entities. The western portion reveals brick bonding on the second floor with two door openings and three window openings. The eastern section is nogged on the second floor. An open colonnade ...

4 Lower Parade

One story, cut stone building with a mansard-style roof. The front faces west with an entrance door leading to a small shop. Three, very small window openings are located on the north facade and serve as a light source or small ventilation. The west wall ...

Trelawny Street

One story building with two hipped roofs. The front porch is located on the north. A double glass door with fanlight above is centrally located on the north and opens to the porch. Four windows are symmetrically located on the north (two on each side ...

Trelawny Street

Two story commercial building with a hipped roof. A shed roof is located over the front (south) porch. The zinc roof has been painted blue. The two story front porch runs the length of the south facade. The southeast corner of which has been enclosed ...

41 Market Street

35 Market Street

35 Market Street

36 Market Street

8 Lower Parade

Two story, hipped roof building. The 1st floor reveals concrete block, rough caste painted pink and gray. An aluminum awning is located on the west. A central door is located on the south and the west. A small square window opens on the south as ...