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41 Georges Street

32 King Street

11 Georges Street

16 Wellington Street

One story, flat roofed house shop painted cream. A double door is centered on the west facade. A board casement also opens on the west. Two single doors are located on the south facade.

37 Newton Street

One story duplex with two pyramidal roofs. Two single doors with gates open on the east. Two large-paned casements are located on the east and one on both the north and south. The building is painted white with a blue curtain.

29 Newton Street

Two story hotel with hipped roof and rooms on the first and second floor. Concrete stairs are found on the east and west. The hotel is painted white with blue curtain. A white columned balustrade runs along the second floor porch which faces east and ...

37 Duke Street

One story, commercial building facing north onto Duke Street. A large garage-style door is centrally located on the north facade. Gated window openings are located on either side of the door, on the east facade, and the west facade. The structure is painted red and ...

Duke Street

Two story, hipped roof structure. Undergone significant alterations and additions. A shed roof is located above a one story addition on the west of the main building. One story, hipped roof addition on the east, parged and painted gray. Several shipping container additions to the ...

31 Duke Street

One story, shed roof building. A door is located on the east and two board doors and a board casement found on the north. Another door is located on the west. Two aluminum awnings are located above the east and north door. Addition along the ...