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26 Cornwall Street

One story building painted cream with a gray curtain. The roof is slightly gables. Two front doors open on the south facade with fanlights above. Gabled roofing is located above the doors. Two casement windows are located on the south facade as well. Glass casements ...

14 Cornwall Street

South/front entrance: 2 grated windows with plywood doors, 1 grated door, concrete porch, metal awning. Roof slants east. Beige, sand-dashed walls. Built on the site of old soup kitchen.

12 Cornwall Street

Three bays across front (South), 4 bays down the side (East). Wrap around, step-up porch on South and East sides (2 steps on South side, 3 steps on East side). Roof projects over tiled porch, concrete steps. Painting: First bay on South side is pink on upper half, ...

12 Cornwall Street

Rundown, deteriorated auto body/engineer shop. South half of roof has caved in. Common rafter roofing system with collar beams. Transition between timber and balloon framing.

16 King Street

Four bays, one story brick with poured concrete facade painted white with grey painted curtain. Patched brickwork visible on south side.

1 Trelawny Street

2 story brick building of three bays with a hipped, cap n' comb roof. The 1st floor of the front facade consists of a central double door with transom and two 6/6 windows on the east and west bays. A large triple hung window of six panes ...

19 Lower Harbour

The structure is a ruin, possibly constructed out of reclaimed wood siding. The structure served as a shop, evidenced by the division of interior space into two rooms separated by a lower wall and service window. Rear entrance door.

Lower Harbour

Small, one story shop facing north. The entrance is a centrally located double door. Two 6-pane casement windows are on the north facade. Small wood quoins are located on the northwest and northeast corners. A simple, decorative vergeboard is found on all roof eaves. A ...

12 Queen Street

Central porch flanked by two wings, each with a shed roof. The center porch is two bays wide. The residence encompasses the porch area and South (right) wing, and the bar is in the North (left) wing. Windows are wood louvers with metal grills, save ...