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21 Cornwall Street

A well-kept building with expansive additions in the rear. The exterior is of stone cladding, painted white and green. Original sash windows and wood detailing. A porch wraps from one bay window around the corner of the house to another bay window, supported by tapered ...

18 King Street

Lot in ruin. West side has brick foundation and staircase remaining and a zinc wall constructed around the ruin. The brick foundation is also on the north and south sides and the south side has the zinc wall.

9 Cornwall Street

Shared roof with garage area. North side has a window flanked by wood jalousies. The south side has a wood jalousie. The west side has two doors and a window in the same style as the north. Zinc gable roof over garage is failing in ...

9 Cornwall Street

Zinc hip roof. Quoins at corners. North side has one double door flanked by double glass jalousies and a zinc awning above. The east side has a double glass jalousie and a door with a zinc awning. The west side has a zinc-covered window. The ...

11 Cornwall Street

Zinc gable roof. Double doors with jalousie transom and barred triple glass jalousies flanking. Tiled concrete porch under concrete decking roof. West side has two barred triple glass jalousies, one barred single jalousie, 1 double door with a jalousie transom, and one door. The south side ...

1A Princess Street

Reused wood siding - unpainted. Door is on southeast corner of building.

Queen Street

Lower Harbour

Small, flat-roofed outbuilding with a shower. The entrance door is located on the North facade. A small casement window is located on the west. The east side of the structure is rounded.

Lower Harbour

A one-story hipped-roof board house. Entrance door faces West with a wood and zinc awning. Southwest, North, and West-facing windows all covered with zinc. The building is unpainted, but there is evidence of cream colored paint on the West elevation, and deep red paint on ...