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8 King Street

Porch on the south side of building, yellow paint, light blue trim, louvered glass windows, hip roof with porch roof on back, cap-n-comb on roof. Small square addition, one story, glass louvered windows, green paint, porch roof.

3 Lower Harbour

Sand dashed yellow with white trim; 3 windows - 2 are 6 by 6 sash windows, 1 is a louvered window; 2 doors, red corrugated roof, original building but has been completely refurbished

Rodney Street

One story, hipped roof, L-Shaped house. It is likely that the house was moved in the latter half of the 20th century from another location on the property. A gate-enclosed porch is located on the northwest corner of the structure. A double entrance door opens ...

8 Lower Harbour

One story, 2-bay building with a hipped roof. Original design was an L-shaped plan including a shed roof over the porch. The front of the house faces the south. Two double doors lead to the porch and have sunburst transoms. Casement windows on the front ...

4 King Street

Two story, pyramidal roof building with one addition. A shed roof covers the porch. The three bay structure is painted white with a double door entrance with transom on the northwest facade. 6/6 windows have unique horizontal glass panes placed within the frame.

1 Park Lane

One long building attached to the main house with a covered, latticed walkway. Four-bays and one room deep. Beaded wood siding with a concrete block porch addition on the east end. The west end of the building is nog frame and wood siding is found ...

2 Rodney Street

5 bay, 2 story. 3 bay east section is brick with cement parging and 2nd story porch. A window on the east side has been replaced with green netting. The west section has wood planks with a plywood door on the 1st floor. 2nd floor of west section ...

Charlotte Street

Hipped wood shingle roof with cap-n-comb. Exposed brick on much of east facade and brick piers at corners. Cement parging, perhaps repairs on east side and scored parging on north facade. Double door on north facade with one glass jalousie to its left

42 Market Street