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Lower Harbour

Small, one story outbuilding with a gabled roof. The entrance door is centered on the east facade. A transom light is on the west facade and window is located on the north.

Lower Harbour

Two story, hipped roof house of three bays. The front of the house faces north. The entire house is built with concrete. A concrete porch of one story on the front with concrete steps leading to the top. The north facade on both levels has ...

1 Lower Harbour

2 bays, sunburst transom, wrought iron gate, wrought iron on porch, off-white paint, green and blue detailing, hip roof, cap-n-comb, painted white table.

5 Market Street

Yellow building, recently restored, decorative woodcuts, red corrugated roof, portico on the east side of building.

7 Market Street

Yellow with white window and door trim, decorative wood transoms; one wall built up against brick wall.

Unity Church

Historically called St. Andrews Kirk or the Scots Kirk, this building was completed in 1834 through the efforts of a group of seven Scottish immigrants to Jamaica who formed a committee to establish the church and purchased the lot from the Anglican Vestry of Trelawny Parish. ...

4 Princess Street

A two story, gabled, three-bay house. The floor is concrete block painted sea foam green. The second floor is sand dashed and beaded board siding. The grandson of the owner told us that the first floor was originally open and used for boat storage. It ...

7 Rodney Street

Small, one story outbuilding with a shed roof. The building is painted pale yellow with a gray curtain along the base. The entrance is located on the north facade. A wood louvered window is located on the east facade.

13 Rodney Street

Two story structure with a hipped roof. A flat roof covers the northwest corner. The building is painted cream on both floors. The walls of the original structure are cut stone. It is likely that the northwest corner was originally a two story porch. It ...