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15 King Street

One story, gable roofed structure of a modified A plan. The original foundation is extant; however, the front half of the building is new construction and undergoing renovation. The back has glass louvered windows. The roof on the front (east) massing of the structure has ...

11 King Street

Small concrete outbuilding used for storage. The roofing is flat corrugated zinc. Green glass jalousies.

11 King Street

One story, two bay structure with a gable roof and beaded wood siding. The entrance of the house faces south. The rear is beaded. The east facade has replacement siding and is unfinished. Zinc patching is evident on the front facade as well. The remainder ...

1 Rodney Street

one story, corrugated, gable roof. Very small storage shed painted white.

1 Rodney Street

Two story, hipped roof structure with a shed roof over a two story porch. The north side of the building is three bays of glass jalousies on the first floor and 6/6 windows on the second. The porch entrance faces east. The porch has encaustic tiling. ...

3 Rodney Street

One story, flat-roofed building with multiple massings. A shed roof was built over the main massing on the east with a flat concrete roof over the porch (NW corner of house). The porch is enclosed with steel gating painted a brownish red. A carport is ...

5 Rodney Street

Metal roofing cast to look like tile. Front porch is located on the north facade with a metal awning over the porch, louvered windows and patterned bars behind. Carport is located at the NW corner of building. Brown roof, white walls, grey curtain.

4 King Street

One story outbuilding with a hipped roof and two bays. The plan appears to be a modified L-Plan. The entrance faces the west into a courtyard. The east facade faces the street and has a 2 by 2 casement window on the northeast corner with wood louvers ...

4 King Street

Small two room storage building with a metal roof. The structure is painted white with two doors. Board shutters are located over the windows. A type building plan.