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15 Market Street

2 Story, 3 bay structure with hipped roof. Tripartite double hung 4/4 sash window at South end of East facade. Central double door. Inset full length porch on first floor supported by four evenly spaced unornamented columns. Structure is painted light blue with a darker blue painted on ...

13 Market Street

Hipped roof. Two storys. One door on south end of the east facade. One double wooden door in the center of the east facade. One two pane glass window on the north end of the east facade. Tiled steps lead to both doors on the ...

11 Market Street

Flat cast concrete roof. One door and one 2-pane glass louver window on south facade. One glass louver window on east facade. One 2-pane glass louver window on the west facade. Two bays. Painted white with a gray curtain.

11 Market Street

Three bay main block, central double door, open transom above. Painted yellow with a green painted water table with a black stripe above. Metal grating covers all openings. Hipped roof. First additions is poured concrete. Inset porch covers length of addition. Garage opening through center. ...

Baptist Manse

The building now known as the Baptist Manse was built as a Masonic Temple in 1798. Based upon practices in other Masonic temples, members likely gathered for meals downstairs and performed the rites of their order upstairs. The Gothic pointed arches of the second floor windows ...


Zinc gable roof. West side has 2 barred jalousies and 1 door with an awning. South side has 1 barred jalousie. The north side has a shed attached with a zinc shed roof. The east side has 1 barred door and 1 barred window.


Zinc hipped roof. East side has gated glass double doors with a blue awning above, flanked by gated and barred windows. The south side has 2 gated windows. The north side is brick. The corners have white quoins. The store's sign is at the southeast corner.



Red clay tile gable roof. South side has 2 triple windows, 1 double window, and 1 door. There is a black metal gate at the west end. The east side has a door with windows to each side and double glass jalousies above the door and each window. ...

Water Square

East side - 1st floor has 1 wood door and a brick stairway. 2nd floor has 1 door, 1 single wood jalousie, and 2 double glass jalousies. The west side -1st floor has gray cast concrete with a brick and concrete stairwell at the west end. The 2nd ...