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9A Market Street

Three bay rectangular kitchen building with hipped roof. Full length porch extends across full length of front (North) facade. Evidence of fireplace with chimney along south wall.

1A Princess Street

Reused wood siding - unpainted. Door is on southeast corner of building.

Queen Street

Lower Harbour

Small, flat-roofed outbuilding with a shower. The entrance door is located on the North facade. A small casement window is located on the west. The east side of the structure is rounded.

Lower Harbour

A one-story hipped-roof board house. Entrance door faces West with a wood and zinc awning. Southwest, North, and West-facing windows all covered with zinc. The building is unpainted, but there is evidence of cream colored paint on the West elevation, and deep red paint on ...

Queen Street

11 King Street

4 Lower Harbour