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16 Queen Street

Shed roof slopes East and West. Two bays, projecting seafoam bay. White West elevation, seafoam North elevation. Glass louvered windows. Addition on South West side is concrete. Is used as a small grocery shop, has glass louvered windows.

16B Cornwall Street

Beige with maroon trim, two pays. Tiled half-porch on South facade. Glass louvered windows, cross/L-shaped gabled roof. Shed, South-slanting roof over porch. Double door front entrance, single door side entrance (interior side of porch). Three steps up to front porch, steps up to side ...

14 Cornwall Street

South/front entrance: 2 grated windows with plywood doors, 1 grated door, concrete porch, metal awning. Roof slants east. Beige, sand-dashed walls. Built on the site of old soup kitchen.

12 Cornwall Street

Once a nogged building, completely replaced by concrete block. Roof form is original. Painted white with gray painted foundation. Cross-gabled roof with concrete decking over porch area; porch enclosed with metal crating. Small porch addition on North West corner of building. Eight light windows flanked ...

12 Cornwall Street

Three bays across front (South), 4 bays down the side (East). Wrap around, step-up porch on South and East sides (2 steps on South side, 3 steps on East side). Roof projects over tiled porch, concrete steps. Painting: First bay on South side is pink on upper half, ...

23 King Street

Three bays across the front, one deep. Cream walls, red roof, red and white encaustic tiles on the front porch, glass louvered windows. Attached carport, damaged in 2007 by Hurricane Dean.

16 King Street

Four bays, one story brick with poured concrete facade painted white with grey painted curtain. Patched brickwork visible on south side.

Cornwall Street

A shed built from scrap lumber, presumably from a recently demolished building on the lot. Of note are the exceptionally wide salvaged boards used.

11 Market Street

Flat cast concrete roof. One door and one 2-pane glass louver window on south facade. One glass louver window on east facade. One 2-pane glass louver window on the west facade. Two bays. Painted white with a gray curtain.