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Market Street

Beige with gray water table. West side has 2 doors and 8 windows, all of which are gated. utility connections visible on roof. East side is parged brick with one metal door and 1 concrete block shed attached.


Zinc hipped roof with shed portion on back. North side has 3 doors and 5 wood jalousies. Beige paint with gray water table. South side is parged brick with 1 window.

Trelawny Street

Two story commercial building with a hipped roof. A shed roof is located over the front (south) porch. The zinc roof has been painted blue. The two story front porch runs the length of the south facade. The southeast corner of which has been enclosed ...

Falmouth Courthouse

The construction of this new Georgian courthouse in 1815 marked Falmouth’s rising prosperity as a port and its importance as the parish seat of Trelawny. Unlike most courthouses, this building overlooks the harbor, acknowledging Falmouth’s economic dependence on the many wharves that originally lined ...

Trelawny Street

A one-story outbuilding with a pyramidal roof with a small, unfinished spire atop. Wood louver casement window is located on the west facade. Two plywood boards are located on the east and possibly cover a door opening. The building is painted cream. It is attached ...

Barrett House

Built in 1798 by Edward Barrett, who developed the town of Falmouth in the 1770s, this house was the finest example of a distinctive building type in Falmouth: the merchant house and store. The family lived in the (now missing) timber-framed structure on the upper floor ...


5 Market Street

Yellow building, recently restored, decorative woodcuts, red corrugated roof, portico on the east side of building.

7 Market Street

Yellow with white window and door trim, decorative wood transoms; one wall built up against brick wall.

7 Market Street

4 bays, 6 by 6 sash windows, grate over door, exterior staircase on back, timber frame projects out over masonry on the east side of the building, multiple roof structures (hip, gable, and porch.)