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Red clay tile gable roof. South side has 2 triple windows, 1 double window, and 1 door. There is a black metal gate at the west end. The east side has a door with windows to each side and double glass jalousies above the door and each window. ...

Market Street

Beige with gray water table. West side has 2 doors and 8 windows, all of which are gated. utility connections visible on roof. East side is parged brick with one metal door and 1 concrete block shed attached.


Zinc hipped roof with shed portion on back. North side has 3 doors and 5 wood jalousies. Beige paint with gray water table. South side is parged brick with 1 window.

Trelawny Street

Two story commercial building with a hipped roof. A shed roof is located over the front (south) porch. The zinc roof has been painted blue. The two story front porch runs the length of the south facade. The southeast corner of which has been enclosed ...

19 Lower Harbour

The structure is a ruin, possibly constructed out of reclaimed wood siding. The structure served as a shop, evidenced by the division of interior space into two rooms separated by a lower wall and service window. Rear entrance door.

Lower Harbour

Small, one story shop facing north. The entrance is a centrally located double door. Two 6-pane casement windows are on the north facade. Small wood quoins are located on the northwest and northeast corners. A simple, decorative vergeboard is found on all roof eaves. A ...

12 Queen Street

Central porch flanked by two wings, each with a shed roof. The center porch is two bays wide. The residence encompasses the porch area and South (right) wing, and the bar is in the North (left) wing. Windows are wood louvers with metal grills, save ...

14 Trelawny Street

One story, hipped roof duplex with a shed roof over the front porch (north facade). The house is painted light green on the west and east and pale yellow on the north. The wood corner posts are painted gray and support the roof. A gray ...

8 Trelawny Street

Nogged outbuilding in brick and stone, parged and painted white. The door faces the rear of the home, and the side door faces West. An iron grill covers a West-facing window. The inside has a caustic tile floor. The rear wall facing North is painted ...