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23 Market Street

Zinc hipped roof. Peach and red paint. East side 1st floor has a porch with two double doors and four windows, with a blue awning and white iron gate to the tiled porch. The 2nd floor has four 6X6 sash windows, two double 6X6 sash ...

21 Market Street

Zinc gable roof. North side has a glass jalousie and a door. The east side has a door and a glass jalousie. Addition on west side of building.

21 Market Street

Zinc hip roof. North side 1st floor has a window with a zinc awning and is made of field stone and brick. The 2nd floor has three glass jalousies, a quadruple glass jalousie, and a 6X6 sash window. The west side 1st floor is parged ...

19B Market Street

Blue and black paint. L-shaped with addition on east side. North side has ten shuddered wood jalousies and two doors with one pane transoms. The east side has one door flanked by double wood jalousies with doors on the non-projecting section. Attached addition on northeast ...

19B Market Street

Light blue paint. Sits under large roof structure of adjacent building. East side has 1 door. Wets side has 1 swinging board window. South side has no openings.

19 Market Street

Tan and red paint. Three bays. East side has a barred double door with a glass transom and flanked by barred windows. The south side has a barred window with a concrete decking awning above. Mural on the north side.

17 Market Street

Shingle gable roof. Beige paint with red water table. North side has two door openings, two window openings, and one barred glass jalousie. The east side has a garage entrance. The south side is turquoise painted brick with a Jamaican flag painting. The building is ...

Vermont House (Post Office)

The building that now serves as the Falmouth Post Office is one of the finest extant examples of merchant house-stores in the city. Thomas Robert Vermont, a senior resident magistrate of the local parish, built the house in the mid-1830s. Two stories of brick ...

5 Cornwall Street

Wood shingle gable roof with vegetation overgrowing. Roof failed everywhere except north end. The east side has three door openings and three barred window openings. The south side has a window opening. The north side has1 6X6 sash window.