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25A Cornwall Street

One story, two bay duplex. Two entry doors face the west. The house has a gable roof. One small wood louvered window is located on the west facade. One jalousie is on both the north and south facades. The entry doors have corrugated metal awnings ...

22 Duke Street

South section of an original kitchen building. The north portion has been demolished. The remaining structure is a single room, square structure.This building, although attached to the main kitchen building at one time, did not have direct access. It was completely closed off from ...

18 Duke Street

A central first-floor double door, flanked by a window and an arch. The first floor facade is brick, covered by stucco. The arch opening goes directly through the building. The second floor of the facade has three windows: a central sash window flanked by louvers ...

9A Market Street

Three bay rectangular kitchen building with hipped roof. Full length porch extends across full length of front (North) facade. Evidence of fireplace with chimney along south wall.

54 Duke Street