1 Trelawny Street

VRA Core


1 Trelawny Street


2 story brick building of three bays with a hipped, cap n' comb roof. The 1st floor of the front facade consists of a central double door with transom and two 6/6 windows on the east and west bays. A large triple hung window of six panes is centrally located above the door on the second floor with 6/6 windows on east and west bays. A green rail surrounds the central window on 2nd floor. In the rear is a brick arched fireplace now supporting concrete steps leading to a portico and rear entrance of double doors. The portico has a shingle shed roof and is supported by concrete Doric columns (replacements). A double door is located directly to the west of the fireplace on the first floor. Green painted jalousie windows are located on both floors of the rear facade. The east window reveals a weighted pulley system.


Residential Core





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