21 Market Street

VRA Core


21 Market Street


Zinc hip roof. North side 1st floor has a window with a zinc awning and is made of field stone and brick. The 2nd floor has three glass jalousies, a quadruple glass jalousie, and a 6X6 sash window. The west side 1st floor is parged concrete and has a blue door with concrete steps. The 2nd floor has a double glass jalousie, a glass jalousie, and a 6X6 sash window. The south side 1st floor has two doors, a with a metal awning, and a double glass jalousie and a metal door. The 2nd floor has five 6X6 sash windows, one of which is flanked by 4X4 sash windows. The east side 1st floor is painted yellow, blue, green, and purple and has two doors with transoms and two double wood jalousies and a single jalousie. The 2nd floor is sand-dashed and has five 6X6 sash windows.


Water Square and Market Street District





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