29 Cornwall Street

VRA Core


29 Cornwall Street


Three bay; rear of building facing south painted pale yellow with cartoon characters; three 6X6 windows on second floor of rear building; first floor at rear of building two 6X6 and one 3X3 window; rear door sits middle of building with two wood casement windows on either side of rear door; building has painted white wood trim; cartoon drawing surrounds building; front entrance door faces north; set in middle of building w/ a gable roof over door; front door stoop flanked by three steps painted red; door and stoop gated w/ white picketed fence and child's gate; front facade; first floor facing north have six over six windows on east and west end of building; second floor has 6X6 windows on either side flanked w/ green painted wood louvers; concrete block foundation painted green; green wood louvers above addition
Addition has half gabled roof; one story; painted yellow with cartoon characters.


Residential Core





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