29 Duke Street

VRA Core


29 Duke Street


1951 2008


Three bay. North side white with gray trim and faux-field stone scoring. Central double door with sliding windows flanking. Black tiled porch with white concrete supports and a zinc gable roof. Window above porch painted red and blue. East side is creme-painted and has five sliding windows around a double door in an encaustic tiled porch with a gable roof and metal supports. South side has a projecting section with a zinc gable roof and a decorative window. One window to each side of the projection on the south side. The west side is the same as the east except for the addition.
Addition is attached to the southeast side of the building. Zinc shed roof. East side has four casement windows. The south side has one casement window and one wood door. North side has one barred door with a zinc awning to the right of a double casement window.


Duke Street Corridor





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