37 Queen Street

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37 Queen Street


Two bay. Green paint with white and blue trim. L-shaped plan. Zinc hipped roof. East side - the projecting portion has one glass jalousie and the porch section, on the right, has two blue doors, one a double door with a sunburst transom, and one 6x6 sash window. A zinc shed roof covers the porch. The north side has one 6x6 sash window. The west side has two doors, one of them inside addition # 2. The foundation of the porch is cast concrete and the foundation for the rest of the structure is concrete piers.
First addtion attaches to the south side of the structure and has a shed roof. The east side of the addition has two glass jalousies around a wood door painted red. The west side has one zinc covered door and the south side has one double glass jalousie.
Second addtion attaches on west side of structure, comprised of two concrete block rooms. The first is missing a roof and most of the northern wall. There are remnants of one window in the south wall. The second room has a concrete decking roof and has a wood door on the on the north side and a wood jalousie on the south side.


Duke Street Corridor





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