33 Duke Street

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33 Duke Street


1901 1950


One story, thee-gabled house painted cream with gray curtain. The front has central projecting bay surrounded by three-sided veranda. Decorative verge board is found along the eaves. Both casements and 6/6 windows are found throughout each with flanking wood louvers. The front has central double door that opens onto the porch on the north. The front siding is bead board. Decorative wood awnings are located above the windows. The porch has brown wood posts supporting a shed roof. Detailed decorative wood railing surrounds the veranda. The rear is an original kitchen house with the same color scheme and gable roof. It is not connected to the main house. Whole house once board, the sides have since been replaced with block except for the front which remains board.
Rear addition with a flat roof. Glass louvered windows and board doors are located on this addition.
Second addition is a veranda and open porch leading to the kitchen house. The flooring is encaustic tiling. Glass louvers are located on this addition. The veranda is enclosed with white, metal gating.


Duke Street Corridor





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