25 Princess Street

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25 Princess Street


One story, double gabled frame house with bead board siding. The house is painted cream. Much of the siding is replacement. It appears that the front portion was once a duplex with two doors. The door openings now act as windows. A double door is located on the north with two 6x6 windows with white trim. An encaustic tiled porch runs along the north with concrete wall two fee high. Two metal posts remain that once supported a roof over the porch.
First addition runs the length of the west facade and extends westward the length of the lot. One window is located on the south. The window on the north is covered with plywood. The addition has a shed roof and connects to a large second addition.
Long second addition to the south west of first addition. The addition is painted cream with a flat slab roof. It connects to Add 1 with a veranda and extends to the south lot line. A porch is located on the northeast corner. A double door and single door open to the porch. Modern casements open to the front (east) The porch is tiled.


Duke Street Corridor





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