14 Tharpe Street

VRA Core


14 Tharpe Street


1901 1950


Two bay structure with two gabled roofs covered by corrugated metal with shingle underneath. Ssea-foam green paint scheme. Two doors to the right of the building, and two double doors with red painted grills facing Tharpe Street. Sheet metal awning to right of building and facing Tharpe Street. Cast iron bars over doors. Left facade of building has sand dashed wood siding (no beading) heavily deteriorated and some parts filled in or replaced by cast concrete Front facade has a window filled in with brick. Left side of building has brick covered by sea-foam green painted concrete and two filled in windows. The left facade has one double window painted gray. The back facade has two new white painted doors
Addition has wood door on East facade (right of building) and unpainted concrete.


Wharf District





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