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Tharpe House

Built in the 1790s, the Tharpe House was the urban face of John Tharpeā€™s vast sugar plantations, located about 8 miles inland on the Martha Brae River. From this house, Tharpe could oversee his wharf, the shipping arm of his plantation enterprises. The residential quarters ...

Lower Harbour


7 Upper Harbour Street

54 Duke Street


2 and 4 Tharpe Street

One story house painted white with a gray curtain. The front faces west. A porch is located on the northwest corner. A door and single window with flanking wood louvers opens to the porch. The porch has a flat slab roof supported by square concrete ...

9 Seaboard Street

Two story building, nogged with brick and covered with board siding. Double hipped roof. The south facade has a central door with a shed roof that leads to a central hallway. Windows on the first floor are glass jalousie three. The 2nd floor windows are 6...

Duke Street

39 Newton Street

One story, shed roof building. A door is located on the east and two board doors and (1) board casement found on the north. Another door is located on the west. Two aluminum awnings are located above the east and north door. Addition along the south ...

68 Duke Street