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35 Newton Street

Contemporary four bay house with low gable roof over porch and North East wing of house and shed roof over garage and North West wing of house. Windows are 1x1 concrete, deck roof over porch - red paneling and house painted white.

15 Victoria Street

Two bay East street facade. White painted cast concrete with red wooden louvered windows. Pitched metal roof. Recessed porch on North-East side. Concrete block addition in rear of lot. (No Access)

13 Victoria Street

Two bay L-plan. East double glass jalousies on projecting end. Double Door with glass jalousie to left. Red and beige color scheme. White banisters and railing support porch support porch. Wood siding. Shed roof over projecting portion of and porch. North side has one glass ...

57 Cornwall Street

Blue beaded wood paneled structure (presumably Phase 1) still visible within the new concrete block structure being built literally enveloping the original structure. Original hipped corrugated zinc roof still visible peeking through concrete block structure as well. Addition is an unpainted concrete block structure envelopes footprint ...

57 Cornwall Street

Small Shop building with three openings (two window and 1 door) facing street (North). Building is integrated into a concrete block wall facing Cornwall St. Doors have beaded board. Evidence of bright blue paint around doorways and windows.

57 Cornwall Street

Three-bay L-shaped plan. North facade has double glass jalousies on projecting portion with iron bars. Double door flanked by one barred glass jalousie to right and two to the left. Roof gable on one and hipped on East side. One double glass jalousie window on ...

61 Cornwall Street

North facade has two red louvered windows and is two bays wide with cream painted vertical parged sections dividing the rough concrete exterior. The watertable is painted cream as well. East facade has 5 bays and a poured concrete porch with 5 columns painted red and two ...

61 Cornwall Street

Outhouse one bay. Vents cut out in south side near ceiling height. Shed roof of corrugated metal. Wooden door East facade mirrored by door on West facade with a similar division of interior spaces.

61 Cornwall Street

Particle board siding added on West facade which has been painted blue and cream. Door on West facade is wooden frame with transom. Red painted concrete steps. Cream painted decorated verge board. Poured concrete landing