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19B Market Street

Light blue paint. Sits under large roof structure of adjacent building. East side has 1 door. Wets side has 1 swinging board window. South side has no openings.

25 Market Street

Three bay, two story commercial building with hipped roof and shed roof on side addition. Modern tiling on columns. yellow painted, stone concrete addition, 2nd story, four bay porch. Concrete addition, two bay, designed separately, roll door openings on ground floor. 2nd story storage shed ...

27 Market Street

Three bay historic building. refurbished with cast concrete front. two stories, detail trim work below roof. hip roof, flat roof in back. all looks nogged, gray and yellow, encaustic tiles. Addition is light blue and white. 1 bay, 3 doors. Sherwin - Williams automotive finishes occupies space.

27 Market Street

Blue concrete rendered/ stuccoed walls. flat roof, encaustic tile. Eight chamfered columns in the front. glass louvered windows. porch area defined by tiles and columns, 5 bays.

27 Market Street

Rectangular building with two bays. two front glass louvered windows, side access up to second story. concrete steps leading up to a white wooden porch. light blue on the bottom underneath the steps, darker blue above steps and then painted white.

29 Market Street

Two bay, two story rectangular building with overhanging 2nd story frame porch. lower story is field stone with rendered columns. metal awnings on upper porch windows. hipped roof. Decorative railings. Rectangular addition to rear of main building. has louvered windows, shed roof covered with corrugated ...

31 Market Street

Wood siding with beading. Solid concrete railing around exterior. Detailed cast iron grill work. Three steps to porch, porch around front of building. Two separate entrances. Light blue color, originally two separate houses with additions making them one structure with newer concrete porch.

33 Market Street

Rectangular eight bay, two story concrete covered, commercial use (previously a cinema). Covered walkway with access to individual commercial spaces. tiled floor and partially tiled posts. front elevation now field stone walls. two gable roofs, decorative front entrance with second story balcony. Remnants of ticket ...

Market Street

East side - projecting side - 1st floor has one wood door and one board window. 2nd floor has two 6 pane casement windows with wood awnings. Non-projecting side - 1st floor has one bay door, a boarded window, and a concrete staircase. The 2nd floor ...