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7 Upper Harbour Street

2 and 4 Tharpe Street

One story house painted white with a gray curtain. The front faces west. A porch is located on the northwest corner. A door and single window with flanking wood louvers opens to the porch. The porch has a flat slab roof supported by square concrete ...

19B Market Street

Light blue paint. Sits under large roof structure of adjacent building. East side has 1 door. Wets side has 1 swinging board window. South side has no openings.

14 Tharpe Street

Two bay structure with two gabled roofs covered by corrugated metal with shingle underneath. Ssea-foam green paint scheme. Two doors to the right of the building, and two double doors with red painted grills facing Tharpe Street. Sheet metal awning to right of building and ...

6 Lower Parade

Gable zinc roof with zinc awing covering old wooden shingle roof. Three bay building with one door with two glass jalousie windows facing Lower Parade Street and one door to the left side facing Tharp Street. Left side is covered with corrugated metal siding. A ...

6 Lower Parade

One room, concrete block building wedged between two adjacent buildings. Gray paint scheme with white grills on door and window. Main entrance and window face Lower Parade Street. Tiled floor, common rafter roof framing system and metal siding on back.

2 Lower Parade

One room plan with double door entrance facing Lower Parade Street. Yellow color scheme with white metal grills, white doors, and white windows. Beading on windows and door. Double door with glass panes. Common rafter system with ridge beams. Vinyl tiling for floor. Concrete step ...

7 Lower Parade

One story, blue balloon frame house with concrete block walls on right (north) and back side and plywood siding on remaining surfaces. Sits on large cast concrete foundation. Entrance faces Lower Parade Street. One front window and a window to the left both with plywood ...

3 Lower Parade

First floor main entrance faces Lower Parade Street and second floor entrance is located on the left side facing south and reachable by stairs. Light pink stucco used on walls with white windows. Second floor uses white double windows with breeze bays. First floor has ...