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1A Princess Street

Reused wood siding - unpainted. Door is on southeast corner of building.

Lower Harbour

Small, flat-roofed outbuilding with a shower. The entrance door is located on the North facade. A small casement window is located on the west. The east side of the structure is rounded.

Lower Harbour

A one-story hipped-roof board house. Entrance door faces West with a wood and zinc awning. Southwest, North, and West-facing windows all covered with zinc. The building is unpainted, but there is evidence of cream colored paint on the West elevation, and deep red paint on ...

5 Market Street

2 bays, gable roof, yellow paint, wood cut decorations along bottom of roof.

Queen Street

11 King Street

4 Lower Harbour

5 Rodney Street

Small concrete shed for generator, now used for storage. Large steel doors on east. Painted white.