The Falmouth Project is an online geo-spatially accessible archive of information about the historic architecture of Falmouth, Jamaica. The archive is intended for a wide range of users:

  • Falmouth residents interested in learning more about their own town
  • historic preservationists seeking to defend the town’s fragile cityscape
  • city planners interested in assessing the building fabric of this important city
  • scholars interested in researching the town’s history
  • visitors to the town researching the town before their visit.

The archive includes information on the 764 buildings that fall within the boundaries of the historic district. Every building in the archive has a full PDF survey report that includes a summary of the building’s form and materials, a supposition about the building’s date of construction, an assessment of the building’s condition in 2008, and a photograph and approximate footprint. Some of the buildings have been investigated more thoroughly and have more extensive building histories available as well. The archive is searchable via the map, where you simply hit the icon positioned in the location of the building of interest. Or you can delimit your search by region of the city, date of construction, and building use.

The information included in the archive depends on a comprehensive survey of the town completed in the summer of 2008 by students of the Falmouth Field School, a 8 year project of the University of Virginia. The project has been generously supported through partnerships with Falmouth Heritage Renewal, the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, and UVA Scholars' Lab.