Market Street

VRA Core


Market Street


1951 2008


North side - 1st floor has one store entrance door with a zinc gable above and one barred/gated window to the right. To the left, a door. The 2nd floor has four double wood jalousies and a central large pane window with three wood jalousies above. The west side has a walkway on the first floor under the 2nd. Inside the walkway are three gated entrance doors. The 2nd floor has four double wood jalousies. The east side has a section joining the structure to adjacent building. The 2nd floor has a double wood jalousie.. The building is creme painted with a gray water table and painted logos.
Addition has zinc shed roof. South side has one sliding metal door. The west side has 1 sliding metal door and barred window to the left. The east side has one barred window, one double glass jalousie, and one single glass jalousie.


Water Square and Market Street District





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