Market Street

VRA Core


Market Street


East side - projecting side - 1st floor has one wood door and one board window. 2nd floor has two 6 pane casement windows with wood awnings. Non-projecting side - 1st floor has one bay door, a boarded window, and a concrete staircase. The 2nd floor has a gated door. The projection has a door and two 6 pane casement window facing north. The west side 1st floor has five metal bay doors with a concrete decking roof over them and a painted sign. The 2nd floor has three 18 pane windows with awnings. The south side 1st floor has two board windows and three barred windows. The 2nd floor has two 6 pane casement windows, one double 4 pane sash window, and one double 6 pane sash window.


Water Square and Market Street District





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