15 Duke Street

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15 Duke Street


Thee-bays along King Street. A double door gate opening on Duke Street with 6x6 flanking wooden jalousies on the 2nd floor. 2nd floor covered porch extends along entire west facade with decorative corner brackets on each post. Base of building is brick that is parged and scored to look like cut stone. The second floor is brick in a Flemish bond pattern. Multiple double door openings along King Street and 6x6 windows on the 2nd floor with keystone jack arches above. Portico entrance on SE corner of building. Hipped roof with a shed roof over the balcony on west facade. Nogged partial enclosure of the balcony on SW corner of building. The historic main entrance was on the west facade of the building (does not face Duke or King Streets). An area below the 2nd floor balcony was recently enclosed.A protruding exterior cornice separates floors.


Duke Street Corridor





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