35 Duke Street

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35 Duke Street


1851 1900


One story, L-Shaped house with a hipped roof. The house is five bays with protruding octagonal bays on the NE & SW corners. All windows are 6x sash with white painted wood trim. The windows on the E & W facades have horizontal 2x2 sash sidelights flanking either side. The windows on the octagonal bays each have white, wood awnings. The porch runs along the north and around the NW corner extending from octagonal bay to the other. The entrance six doors open to porch and each has wood transom above. The doors are all glass paned and painted white. The porch is cement w/ black tiling and is enclosed with painted gate. The shed roof above porch is supported by three concrete columns and two pilasters.
Large, one story addition along the south facade with a flat roof. It is currently under construction with no windows or doors. A carport is located on the southwest corner. The carport is filled with pieces of clay tiles suggesting the former roofing may have been covered in tiles.


Duke Street Corridor





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